Emily L.

Delicious brunch! I couldn’t get enough of Tracy’s homemade sambal. Tracy explained a traditional Malaysian meal and the way to eat sous-vide prepared eggs. I think I’ll be eating them with soy sauce and white pepper from now on.

Vanessa C.

“The food was exquisite and the crab dishes reminded me of home (and the first course even surprised me a little!). Thanks Tracy for having us in your home and for pulling together a superb meal despite the crab shortage!

Candy A.

Every time I go to Tracy’s I leave not only experiencing a new taste, but wanting more. Delicious crab, delicious everything! Just the best!

George G.

Tracy was perfect, as always…Tracy’s crab feast just speaks of her love for her craft, and more importantly, for her guests. I grew up in Singapore… Let’s just say that before tasting Tracy’s crabs, I was pretty sure that nothing would beat Singapore’s version of the Chilli Crab. It’s definitely different, but that’s never a bad thing (Shhh don’t tell anyone back home in Singapore I prefer Tracy’s version). The spice levels for the Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab was on point and definitely South-East Asian spicy! The crab meat fried rice was also delicious and the desserts were just the cherry on top that we all needed. Cheers!

Kar H.

Loved trying 3 different laksa in one seating. Very interesting flavors happening at once. Great experience.

Melissa N.

Authentic and delicious. Worth every penny. I’m definitely doing this again.

Tat Y.

Had a wonderful Lunar New Year feast. Every dish was perfectly flavored. Will have to return next year for another Lunar New Year feast.

Ken R.

Tracy was a wonderful and gracious host and the food was fabulous. It’s amazing that she could put that huge meal together by herself. I enjoyed every bite and look forward to another meal with her.

Kaeli M.

The tea meal was SO CREATIVE and delicious!! This chef has a seriously inventive relationship with food– if you have the chance to go to one of her creative meals, definitely do it!! She can draw from tradition and expand upon it in totally original ways. Wow!

Sarah D.

Tracy was a gracious host, and this was one of the best meal’s I have had… The meal included 7 courses, and every single course was delicious! Starting with the soup, the salad, 3 courses of mouthwatering crab prepared in three different ways, the delectable fried rice, ending with the perfect portion of a bite-sized matcha chocolate dessert! It was a fun bunch of people that love to eat and everyone seemed to have a great time. We all left feeling full and very satisfied! I would definitely recommend this and look forward to trying out some other ones!