FAQs & Info


Walk-in only. Please put your name in the queue using this online waitlist. You will be notified 10 minutes before your table is ready.

Business Hours

Unless otherwise stated above, our regular hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 5pm-9pm.

No Bicycles, scooters and strollers inside

Due to SFFD fire safety requirements, please refrain from bringing bicycles, scooters, or strollers into the premises as we must keep the walkways in the tight space clear of obstacles during service. We have public bike rails on the curb and two booster seats available.

Dine-in only

We are unable to offer takeout at the moment. Our food is 5x better eaten on-site 🙂

About Workers’ equity fee

A 20% Workers’ Equity fee is added to each check as part of Damansara’s equitable compensation policy. This fee is not a tip, rather it is taxed as Damansara’s house revenue although it is actually distributed to the whole staff of more than a dozen members, including those who work behind the scenes and outside of business hours. We believe that all job positions are equally important and ultimately contribute to positive guest experiences. This compensation policy ensures that all team members are treated as equals and protected from tipping biases.

no affiliation with yelp

Please note that Damansara has no official affiliation with Yelp. Information posted on our behalf may be false or outdated. We do not accept reservations or food orders through Yelp or its partners.

Lost and found

Call and leave your name, number and item description on 415-914-0931. This number is not for reservations or orders.

Hand Blown sipper glass

Interested in our sipper glasses? You can order them from Oakland artist, Jerry Lin Hsien Kung.

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